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Yoga for Holistic Healing

Yoga for Holistic Healing comprises a personal yoga session in which you will receive yoga instruction not usually addressed in group classes. Yoga for holistic healing utilizes Structural Alignment techniques to optimally align your body and enhance its natural ability to heal. The session may include Thai yoga massage along with specific yoga techniques to help manage or eliminate pain, increase your vitality, calm stressful emotions, and restore you to balance.

Upon registration for Yoga for holistic healing, you will complete a confidential lifestyle and health questionnaire.  With this completed questionnaire, a postural analysis and an interview about your goals, Triquetra Yoga will create a personalized practice especially suited to your needs, so you get the results you want.

After the original consultation, you have the option to register for an additional four week session.  You will receive the most therapeutic benefits from the yoga techniques by staying focused on your continually evolving and specialized practice for over a month. Over the four weeks you will learn key alignment principles and necessary modifications in foundational yoga postures, along with specific techniques that allow you to progress in your practice and support healing in your body.  You will be guided throughout and I will be available to answer questions as they arise.

Yoga for Holistic Healing session**
The initial 90 minute visit includes: intake of health questionnaire, a postural analysis, and an initial interview.  I will then lead you through a personal practice, and give you a clear sequence to follow at home.  This can be a stand-alone session or you may require on-going support, in which case you may register for the additional four weeks at the special price below.
Four week add-on package
Four additional 60 minute Holistic Healing Yoga sessions. These sessions are a continuation of the initial session which allows us to adjust your practice as your wellbeing is restored. These classes will be scheduled successively from date of original visit.