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Our teaching method is an alignment-based approach which allows you to cultivate correct form and receive maximum benefit from your practice. It offers you variations ranging from beginner to advanced, increasing the difficulty as you explore your practice. Each class will offer you a mixture of uplifting and inspiring story-telling and/or tantric philosophy, along with precise alignment principles in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Live, Laugh and Love as yoga reminds you that you are already whole, connected and possess all the qualities you need.

Growth & Expansion happen as a result of being fully you!

My Yoga Offerings

Hatha Yoga Class

Hatha Yoga*

  • Group Classes in hall. Current public classes listed on home page.
  • private or small group in studio.
  • Corporate (see below)
  • Classes include sequence of poses, breathing practices and meditation.
Therapeutic and Specialty Yoga

Holistic Healing Yoga* & Specialty Yoga (in group)

  • In studio or your location: private or semi-private yoga.
  • At your location – specialty yoga for your group’s needs: Seniors yoga, chair yoga, yoga for arthritis, yoga for addiction recovery, etc.
  • Yoga to help you manage illness, injury, stress, anxiety, insomnia or rehabilitation.
  • More information on Holistic Healing Yoga.
Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

  • Hatha yoga at your work location.
  • Yoga tailor-made to fit your group.
  • Scheduled during lunch time or after work.
  • See the benefits of Corporate Yoga.
Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops

  • Themed workshops at local hall – upon request.
    • Meditation – getting started and maintaining a meditation practice.
    • Partner yoga – fun and effective yoga using each other as props.
    • Restorative yoga – with props to release stress & anxiety and improve sleep.