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Step into the light of your own greatness.

-- Dr. Douglas Brooks

Yoga Testimonial

I have been taking yoga classes with Julie since three years and I think she is the most competent yoga teacher. Her knowledge [brings] us to understand the movements and the poses and not just do them as physical exercises. She is very attentive to every person in the class, explains different alternatives to prevent [injuries]. I think Julie is deeply living yoga philosophy and does her best for us to learn about it. That is why I appreciate her so much.

-- Celine

Yoga Testimonial

I have taken yoga classes sporadically for over twenty years but never, until meeting Julie Gergely, have I found a class or an instructor that inspired real devotion or commitment. I began attending Julie’s classes once a week, but very quickly determined to attend two weekly classes and have continued to do so for over two years. Julie takes a holistic approach to yoga instruction, placing balanced emphasis upon the exercise of body, mind and spirit. While challenging students to the limits of their physical abilities, Julie never attempts to push us beyond those limits. In the same way, her deep psychological understanding and spiritual clarity are presented with contagious passion and enthusiasm. Julie possesses an impressive knowledge of physiology, psychology and spirituality and communicates the interdependence of all these elements with an open, joyous heart. I leave every one of Julie’s classes with a more flexible, relaxed and strengthened body, a curious and awakened mind, and a light and embracing spirit. What more could be desired of ANY experience? I cannot recommend Julie too highly.

-- Karen Stacey

Yoga Testimonial

Julie possess many important qualities found in a truly good teacher, one of them being that she doesn't teach a class, she teaches a group of individuals; there is a big difference and that is one of many things I appreciate about her. Keeping in mind individual and personal challenges, she demonstrates great flexibility to adapt her methods and material to each student’s needs. With her, I personally feel that striking a pose is secondary to the infinite steps she teaches us in order to fully benefit from optimal alignment along the way. Julie is a great guide and mentor who sometimes calls her students "yogis" (men) and "yoginis" (women); knowing the precise meaning of the term, I'd say that she "teaches" by example.


-- Guylaine

Yoga Testimonial

I have been following the yoga classes of Julie [for] a few years now. Besides the fact that she is a very knowledgeable teacher, what strikes me most is the generosity of heart with which she teaches us. Quite unique! She truly guides us skillfully in our discovery of how our body, heart and soul can grow and unfold towards finding a path to fulfillment.

-- Louise G