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Guidelines For Yoga Practice.

Here are some guidelines to follow if you are new to the practice.

  1.  Notify the teacher before class of any injuries or medical conditions that may affect your ability to practice certain postures.
  2. Be kind to yourself. Respect your body and the signals it is sending you. Pain is a signal that you must stop what you are doing immediately. Ask for a modification if one was not already provided.
  3. Practice in bare feet. This allows you to feel the floor more easily and prevent slipping.
  4. Take breaks as often as needed, resting in child pose. Your practice should not deplete you.
  5. Hatha yoga practice requires an empty stomach. Allow a couple of hours after your last large meal. If needed, eat only a small snack an hour before class. It is also preferable to hydrate before class, as yoga practice often requires bending forward and twisting.
  6. Maintain a quiet and peaceful yoga space by avoiding any needless conversation. Unnecessary chatter is disruptive and takes your focus away from your personal experience. Relevant questions and concerns are always welcome.
  7. Arrive a few minutes early and sit quietly on your mat ready to begin promptly. This is an opportunity for centering yourself and for quiet reflection.
  8. If using, place your blocks and strap at the front of your mat for easy access during class.
  9. Keep your eyes on your own mat, remembering that yoga is not a competition. Do not compare your practice to someone else’s.
  10. At the end of practice return all props, straps and blankets neatly to their appropriate place after use.
  11. Feel free to ask questions related to your personal situation after class, when the instructor can give you her undivided attention.